Insights 2015
07 Dec 2015
A look at the opportunities that the ASEAN Economic Community will bring about in the Philippines and how local and foreign businessmen and investors can take full advantage of these changes.
06 Nov 2015
KPMG Indonesia Board Governance Toolkit brings together key governing requirements and examples of better practices across critical corporate governance areas.
06 Nov 2015
"Measuring your digital business aptitude: Are you ready for digital transformation?" takes CIOs through five domains that describe the key practices and capabilities that correlate with an organization’s ability to successfully undertake a digital business transformation.
27 Oct 2015
Countries such as Vietnam will benefit from greater access to developed markets like the US and Japan while small and medium-sized enterprises will gain greater market access through special provisions on Competitiveness and Business Facilitation.
25 Oct 2015
The recent quiet period for global tax rates is coming to an end as governments around the world reassess their revenue strategies in light of domestic economies and international considerations.
19 Oct 2015
Asian port development activities have been increasing and to stay competitive, port operators will need to enhance their infrastructure and look into value-added services.
08 Oct 2015
KPMG introduces six-step agenda to help CIOs position their organizations for success in the move to digital business
02 Oct 2015
With the tightening and introduction of new anti-bribery and corruption regulations, and a growing reliance on third parties to support global operations, companies find complying with anti-corruption regulations more challenging than ever.
27 Sep 2015
Many large, established banks are now prioritising mobile services, investing heavily in capability and architecture as they adopt a "mobile first" strategy. ASEAN and the larger Asia Pacific region are likely to emerge as hotbeds of intense competition in this space. Banks which do not have clear mobile banking strategies may lose customers and risk jeopardising competitive advantage.
23 Sep 2015
Inaugural KPMG Indonesia Board Governance Forum indentified stronger need for corporate governance (CG), streamlining and consolidation of CG requirements, enforcement of CG regulations and integration of CG principles into company operations.
18 Sep 2015
ASEAN region shows strong capacity to fund transactions over the next 12 months
17 Aug 2015
In this examination of the future of High Growth Markets, great promises have been identified in ASEAN, along with other regions such as Africa and the Middle East. Their potential to exceed developed markets requires selective approaches in view of varied growth rates and economic characteristics.
04 Aug 2015
Against a backdrop of escalating energy demand, anxiety over energy security and rising environmental concerns, LNG is set to play a critical role in ASEAN’s future energy ecosystem.
20 Jul 2015
CEOs cite new growth strategies, geographic expansion and innovation as among their top three priorities.
29 Jun 2015
Investment managers are under strain due to the volume of new regulation. However, they can capitalise on new opportunities within this paradoxical regulatory environment if they focus on some key areas.
23 Jun 2015
According to the 2015 Change Readiness Index by KPMG, six of the 10 ASEAN countries are among the 50 most change-ready countries in the world.
23 Jun 2015
Myanmar is a land naturally blessed for agricultural possibility. The country has the potential to not only achieve food security and self-sufficiency, but also become a reliable supplier of food and processed agricultural commodities.
09 Jun 2015
Indonesia’s large population and consumption base is a fundamental reason why many multinationals rank the country as the foreign investment destination of choice in South-east Asia. KPMG offers practical insights and ground intelligence on successfully investing in an emerging economy like Indonesia.
20 Apr 2015
For many multinationals, an idea for a service or product may have originated in Country A. But capital could have come from the British Virgin Islands, IP held in the Bahamas, and R&D, testing and manufacturing are done by Country C.
16 Apr 2015
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a region of great diversity. Despite the differences in culture, socio-economic status and political systems, as an economic bloc, ASEAN is to be reckoned with.
16 Apr 2015
The arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community is widely expected to add momentum to the region’s ongoing integration. It builds on the already robust gains achieved by the region’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).
16 Apr 2015
Information technology has enabled global supply chains to evolve into interdependent material, financial and information flows. While increasing efficiency, the very complexity and synergies of supply chains also expose them to cyber risks.
17 Mar 2015
ASEAN P/E ratios increased 10 percent over the past year and capacity is expected to improve by 14 percent.
12 Mar 2015
ASEAN is a center of gravity in the world economy in its own right. It will become more so as it integrates.
11 Mar 2015
The changing growth environment is driving managers to be more focused than ever on improving performance and operational effectiveness.
09 Mar 2015
Strong systems and governance are critical, along with a culture that takes data security seriously.
02 Feb 2015
A look at how Energy & Natural Resources companies in the Asia Pacific can capitalise on emerging trends and deliver tangible value to the bottom line
27 Jan 2015
ASEAN audit committees cite global uncertainty, regulatory changes and operational risks as top challenges in 2015.
27 Jan 2015
A guide to understanding the indirect tax regimes and their application in countries across the Asia Pacific region.
19 Jan 2015
Risks around political uncertainty and regulatory reforms, water scarcity and security of supply are impacting global investments and infrastructure decisions.
07 Jan 2015
The automotive sector will need to find a new balance between its traditional product- and technology-driven past and a lifestyle-centric and service-driven future.
06 Jan 2015
A look at what makes Malaysia, in particular Kuala Lumpur, an investor's destination.
05 Jan 2015
More and more data is being collected on all aspects of banking operations, yet collectively, the totality of ‘data issues’ are still not properly aggregated nor, more importantly, understood by management.
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