Insights 2017
26 Dec 2017
CEOs in ASEAN share their views on business opportunities, risks and priorities over the next three years.
19 Dec 2017
A look at IT-BPM, an economic game-changer and driver of growth for the Philippines
11 Oct 2017
A look at attributes that make investing in Vietnam attractive to foreign investors
11 Oct 2017
Vietnam is considered as one of the fastest and relatively stable-growing economies in Asia over the past years.
29 Sep 2017
This comprehensive publication sets out the Indonesian financing landscape, trends in credit and deposit growth, profitability, financial inclusion and fintech, Islamic banking, regulatory developments and recent deal activity.
10 Jul 2017
The Securities Commission Malaysia has come up with a new set of requirements in corporate governance for companies to adhere.
10 Apr 2017
A look at online consumer trends, the future of retail businesses amidst digital disruption, and key tax consideration.
23 May 2017
KPMG and Eurasia Group present a forward-looking analysis of the rising geopolitical risks and trends that will affect government, regulation and policy in ASEAN – and the exciting new opportunities evolving in key sectors such as financial services, infrastructure, energy, real estate.
25 Apr 2017
An outlook on the direction of the region’s infrastructure and Thailand's PPP development.
27 Mar 2017
As the foreign ownership cap gets lifted, Vietnamese banks can attract significant overseas capital if bad debts are tackled and lenders adopt Basel II standards. Tran Dinh Vinh, partner and head of Financial Services at KPMG, shared his thoughts on the matter with Vietnam Investment Review’s Nam Phuong.
01 Mar 2017
AN ISSUE that foreign investors often struggle with in Myanmar is the inability to import and sell their products directly.
28 Feb 2017
OVER the last few years, foreign investment into Myanmar had been steadily increasing with FDI hitting US$8.1 billion (Bt282 billion) in fiscal year ended 31 March 2015.
09 Feb 2017
KPMG Philippines Consumer Market Report 2017 provides a concise overview of one of the fastest-growing consumption-driven economies in the world.
07 Feb 2017
While organisations explore the benefits associated with advancing technologies, the convergence is creating a blurring of lines between the physical and the digital, with the ability to create major disruptions to ‘work’ as we know it.
06 Feb 2017
Vietnam was the country with the most to gain from the TPP. Increased market access, especially to the United States, would have supported an export manufacturing boom and outsized GDP growth in what is already southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy.
01 Feb 2017
Growth in Asia Pacific is forecast to remain strong in the decade ahead - the IMF’s latest regional economic outlook forecasts growth of 5.3 percent during 2016-17.
30 Jan 2017
A Vietnam veteran in the trenches of finance, John Ditty, Managing Parther, KPMG in Vietnam has witnessed remarkable transformation over two decades.
26 Jan 2017
New Indonesian transfer pricing reporting compliance requirements (“PMK-213”) implemented on 30 Dec 2016 with immediate effect.
20 Jan 2017
Online shopping has been popular worldwide and Vietnam will keep up with the trend quickly thanks to its active Internet use, said a report by KPMG International launched early this week.
18 Jan 2017
An important milestone in Southeast Asia’s rail connectivity was reached last year when Singapore and Malaysia agreed to implement the High Speed Rail (HSR) link connecting two of the largest cities in the region – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
18 Jan 2017
While not often considered a “sexy” sector, agribusiness is drawing increasing investments and propelling rampant economic growth.
17 Jan 2017
Assessing the extent of fintech’s true and measurable impact on the unbanked and underbanked people of Southeast Asia.
17 Jan 2017
When it comes to energy, no matter what our beliefs, backgrounds and convictions, we all agree that the world will need more of it in the foreseeable future. But how we choose to use and produce more energy could determine the world’s future economy, politics, and environment
17 Jan 2017
More than 20 years after the World Trade Organization (WTO) was established, anti-globalization and economic nationalism are threatening to disrupt international trade with an expected increase in trade protectionism.
11 Jan 2017
This publication captures the ePayments landscape, regulatory developments and an early view on which players may prevail.
01 Jan 2017
An overview of the implementation of the 2017 Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature and the Most-Favoured Nation rates in various countries in the Asia Pacific region
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