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Media Release
19 Dec 2014
Some 74 percent of respondents in a KPMG survey indicated that data analytics is crucial to their business.
17 Dec 2014
Today’s disruptive technologies are redefining products, services and markets and are fundamentally transforming how businesses are run.
10 Dec 2014
More than 70 percent of Asia Pac CEOs surveyed said they see a powerful future for their finance chief.
24 Nov 2014
Digital technology is transforming the way insurers do business, impacting the entire value chain
30 Oct 2014
A significant number of emerging technologies are gaining momentum on a global scale with the potential to be the next market disruptors.
04 Sep 2014
KPMG M&A Predictor indicates 26 percent increase in the value of announced M&A deals between January and June of 2014.
28 Apr 2014
Tax transparency and morality are key issues driving changes in global tax landscape
22 Dec 2014
For now, the answer to the last-mile delivery lies in technology and more earthbound boxes and trucks.
Dec 2014
Southeast Asia is a 170 GW electricity generation market with significant growth potential.
28 Nov 2014
Amid an uncertain economic climate, firms in Asia are moving forward and taking leaps with their internationalization efforts.
16 Oct 2014
The question now is whether this can be implemented in a coherent manner by the various governments around the globe.
26 Sep 2014
More equitable and holistic talent management strategies are leading to productivity gains for businesses.
08 Sep 2014
Today’s increasingly complex state of cyber risk is prompting organizations to question if they are truly resilient against cyber attacks.
Sep 2014
The new model features a contract-based five-step analysis of transactions to determine whether, how much and when revenue is recognized.
25 Jul 2014
Most people often neglect one key aspect: how their legacy is managed and distributed when they are gone.
Jul 2014
Strong macroeconomic fundamentals in Philippines are making it an increasingly attractive investment destination in Asia.
25 Apr 2014
The healthcare sector needs to figure out how best to provide oversight and govern and to measure and monitor quality and safety.
04 Apr 2014
With cyber attacks escalating in both size and complexity it is no longer a question of whether systems will be breached, but when.
Apr 2014
Five disclosure areas where improvements can easily be made
31 Mar 2014
Regulators are increasingly enforcing penalties on instances of non-compliance with AML and sanctions regulations.
27 Jan 2014
Organizations need to play to their strengths rather than their fears of what might happen.
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